Level 3 drives down latency for financial centers

Level 3 is heeding the financial trading industry's call to drive out network latency by enhancing the performance and service options on its fiber network between New York and Chicago--two major financial hubs.  

Included in Level 3's latest low-latency network initiative are two new service options: Transport Solutions for Latency-Sensitive Applications and connectivity between major North American and European financial centers. Both of these options are backed by service level guarantees.  

In addition to the New York to Chicago route, Level 3 has incorporated its new low-latency elements into various network routes including Chicago to Washington, D.C.; Chicago to New York; New York to London; and London to Frankfurt.

As a tailored fit solution, Level 3's financial customers can choose from three grades of low-latency performance and speeds of up to 10 Gbps. What's more, Level 3 will provide protected circuit configurations that leverage ultra-low-latency routes for the primary and backup paths.

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