Level 3 strengthens Manchester, UK network route diversity

As Manchester, England looks to attract new businesses Level 3 (NASDAQ: LVLT) has responded by augmenting its European network with a diverse route for the area that's independent of its current London network hub.

Already serving about 45 markets in Europe, Level 3 can deliver both transport and IP services from Manchester through to Western Europe and markets across North America.

The latest move in Manchester is only one of many European network upgrades in both Central and Eastern Europe. Besides the UK, Level 3 expanded its presence in a number of key European locations, including the Czech Republic, France, Germany and Belgium this year. Going forward, Level 3 plans to expand its European network infrastructure and connectivity.

By bypassing London, a likely congested network hub, and taking connectivity right into Manchester, Level 3 could potentially reap new revenue rewards from new and existing businesses that desire global Internet connectivity.   

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