Los Angeles pursues city-wide broadband plan

Los Angeles may be home to movie stars and rock stars, but according to residents, it lacks enough high-speed broadband options. City officials have launched an initiative to bring service to all of its residents, reports the Los Angeles Daily News.

Led by Councilman Bob Blumenfield, the city has put forth a request for information (RFI) focused on bringing broadband connectivity via a wireless or wireline connection to all of the city's households and businesses. Interested parties have seven weeks to respond to the RFI.

Blumenfield told the Los Angeles Daily News that while the city is flexible on the access technology, "something needs to be done to help the 30 percent of the city that doesn't have Internet access."

After it sifts through the RFI responses, Blumenfield said a request for proposals (RFP) could come this upcoming October.

Under the proposed plan, Los Angles would like interested service providers to cover the costs in exchange for access to city infrastructure such as utility poles and other related infrastructure.  

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