MoCA certifies 2.0 home networking specification

It's been a busy week for home networking standards. Following the ITU's approval of the home networking standard, the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) has ratified the MoCA 2.0 specification.

Offering two performance modes, Basic and Enhanced, MoCA 2.0 can deliver 400 and 800 Mbps of net throughputs, using 700 Mbps and 1.4 Gbps PHY rates. In a point-to-point application, performance can be optimized for two node networks with the Basic mode delivering 500 Mbps net throughput MAC and enhanced mode providing 1 Gbps net throughput. The MoCA 2.0 spec features an expanded operating frequency range to accommodate more use cases and two network wide, low power-saving modes.

But the new spec is not just about new speeds. Given the investment cable operators and telcos have made to deploy MoCA for their home network implementations, MoCA 2.0 standard is interoperable with MoCA 1.1/1.0, meaning they can roll out the new capabilities with minimal customer impact.

While debates over what the best home networking technology will continue to be fought between MoCA and supporters, service providers continue to go their own route. Outside of Verizon, the major service provider supporters of MoCA have been the cable operators.

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