More cloud computing services for IBM

IBM has announced a bunch of new services to move enterprise customers "into the cloud."  

New services announced on Monday include industry-specific business consulting services; technology consulting, design and implementation services; and cloud security.  Basically, IBM will built a total cost of ownership model trading off a private/in-house cloud verses moving data and apps off into a public cloud. From there, IBM will provide services to install, configure, and deliver cloud computing and wrap everything into a security blanket.

Cloud computing is being pitched as having the ability to save customers up to 80 percent on floor space, 60 percent on power and cooling costs and "triple asset utilization." IBM's research indicates organizations will use both public (hear the cheers at Amazon, Google, and Microsoft) and private clouds.  And they're underlining the whole cleaner environment/energy bit.

It doesn't hurt that IBM has its own cloud computing centers ready and available for public cloud access by businesses. IBM is also piloting its own cloud computing platform in China, codenamed Project Yun (yes, Chinese for cloud).  Yun is designed to dynamically allocate cloud resources (storage, server, network) without human involvement; presumably the only setup required would be a credit card and/or billing limit.

For more:
- MarketWatch carries the IBM cloud release.

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