New rural Broadband site

The Federal Communications Commission and the United States Department of Agriculture in Friday announced the launch of a new, online resource--for those in rural America looking to bring the benefits of broadband services to their communities.  This "Broadband Opportunities for Rural America" web site makes available the expertise and resources of the FCC and USDA in a single, easily-accessible location.

The site provides information on the different technology platforms that can be used to offer broadband service, how to access spectrum necessary for delivery of wireless broadband services, government funding for broadband services, relevant FCC and USDA proceedings and initiatives, and data on broadband deployment.  In addition, the site provides instructions on how to locate companies already licensed to provide wireless services in or near specific rural communities, as well as helpful links to other government and private resources related to encouraging broadband opportunities in rural America. 

Overseas, officials from the U.K. and Japan discussed the need to ensure that their citizens have ubiquitous access to broadband, and that they aren't overcharged in the process. According to Scotland on Sunday, five million households are overpaying for their broadband Internet, wasting £162m a year, despite the price being at an all-time low. And Kiyooshi Mori, Japanese vice-minister for communications policy, said Japan had already rolled out 100Mbps fibre broadband to 85% of households, and urged the U.K. to set a deadline for such widespread access. 

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