NGN teams with Georgia Public Web to bring broadband to Georgia

NGN, a member-owned service provider cooperative that runs a 1,600-mile network in North Georgia, has partnered with the Georgia Public Web to bring broadband to underserved areas of the state.

Specifically, the partnership will give each entity access to areas of the state where they previously had limited resources giving their customers access to more services. NGN CEO Paul Belk said that the GPW serves most of the state with the exception of NGN's footprint and that combined the two have a "complete solution."

NGN recently announced that it is providing 100 Mbps symmetrical broadband connection to seven libraries within the Northeast Georgia Regional Library system giving the libraries access to hosted Wi-Fi service and VOIP.

In addition, NGN recently teamed with iRis Networks to establish a new fiber Ethernet interconnection agreement that will enhance the reach of their networks while broadening broadband availability between Nashville, Knoxville and Cleveland, Tenn., and Atlanta and North Georgia.

Through this interconnection agreement, the two providers will be able to provide businesses with access to speeds from as low as 1 Mbps with the opportunity to scale up to 100G.

NGN's middle mile and local distribution network routes connect 17 counties in North Georgia.The iRis network reaches over 100 communities in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama, as well as regional carrier hotel locations in Nashville, Atlanta, Ashburn, Va., and Chicago.

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