Nokia Bell Labs helps develop new battery for 5G, IoT and renewable energy

Researchers at Nokia Bell Labs and AMBER have created a new battery that packs 2.5 times the battery life than anything currently on the market. (Nokia)

Working with other researchers, Nokia Labs has developed a new battery that promises to deliver 2.5 times the longevity of today’s batteries.

Nokia Labs developed the new battery by working with researchers at Trinity College's Dublin AMBER center. Nokia Labs said the new battery not only doubles the battery life of current batteries on the market today, but does so without adding additional weight.

The battery will be particularly useful for critical use cases across 5G, IoT, electric vehicles and drones where conventional power might not be available for network equipment. It also will help keep critical systems up and running when energy backup batteries are needed.

"By packing more energy into a smaller space, this new battery technology will have a profound impact on 5G and the entire networked world," said Nokia Bell Labs' Paul King, one of the lead investigators on the project and member of the technical staff, in a prepared statement. "The combination of Nokia Bell Labs industry and device knowledge and AMBER's materials science expertise allowed us to tackle an extremely difficult problem involving multiple disciplines.

"Our results were achieved through the deeply collaborative mode in which we work, underscoring the value of engaging with AMBER as part of our global research strategy."

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Nokia Bell Labs said the battery also has the potential to improve the performance of large-scale energy grids powered by renewable energy. The demand for reliable power relies on storage technologies to manage the high fluctuation in energy generation in today's wind and solar renewable technologies. 

Nokia Bell Labs has applied for a patent on the battery technology, but didn't say when it would be commercially available.