Occam wants to make splash in European FTTP market

Occam Networks may have established itself as a common name in the U.S. independent telco market, but the last-mile vendor has broader ambitions to target the European market. The Santa Barbara, Calif.-based vendor is using next week's ITU Telecom World 2009 event in Geneva to make its voice heard in the European Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) market.

Since the company officially launched in 2001, Occam has found a sizeable audience among smaller independent telcos and CLECs looking for an alternative DSL and fiber last mile supplier. However, it won't be going into Europe alone. Instead, Occam will target FTTP opportunities through a number of local network integrator and reseller partnerships. According to a Light Reading article, Occam may unveil a number of the local European partnerships it has established in the U.K., Switzerland, Poland, France, Benelux, Italy and Spain during the ITU Telecom event. In addition, Occam could announce a European service provider customer win.

Juan Vela, Director of Solutions Marketing & Strategy for Occam Networks, said in a previous interview with FierceTelecom that the purchase of the former FTTP vendor Terawave Communications not only gave it fiber intellectual property, but a host of established local technology reseller and integration channels. "With our acquisition of Terawave, we also got their local European VAR relationships that were targeting European municipal service providers and smaller telcos," he said.

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