OIF turns up the 100 Gbps optical volume

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) has begun work on a new 100 Gbps project to define a Module Management Interface. Initially begun in the Physical and Link Layer Working Group, the new project has set a goal to develop a Management Data Input/Output Interface (MDIO) for the 100G Long Haul DWDM Transmission Module. OIF's MDIO project will define three essential functions: a logical architecture and frame structure, module control and host module, and MDIO register set. As a key component to completing the 100G Long Haul DWDM Transmission Module Multisource Agreement (MSA) project, the MDIO will also enable multi-vendor interoperability of 100G DWDM systems.

In related news, the OIF made a number of new appointments. First, the OIF appointed Ghani Abbas of Ericsson and Martha Fratt of AT&T to one year terms on its board of directors. Klaus-Holger Otto of Alcatel-Lucent is newly elected as Technical Committee Vice Chair and Jim Jones of Alcatel-Lucent is newly elected as Interoperability Working Group Chair. The OIF also reelected Jeff Hutchins of CoreOptics as a forum member, while Jim Jones of Alcatel-Lucent will continue to serve as the organization's VP of marketing. Finally, Lyndon Ong of Ciena was reelected Technical Committee Chair while Rod Smith of Tyco Electronics and Dave Brown of Alcatel-Lucent were reelected Market Awareness & Education Co-Chairs.

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