OpenVault: Election night likely drives 7% spike in broadband usage

Broadband analytics vendor OpenVault reports intense interest in Tuesday night's election results likely drove a 7% increase in broadband usage. (Pixabay)

As the 2020 elections played out Tuesday night, OpenVault said intense interest in the results likely led to significant increases in broadband usage. Using the central time zone, there was a 7% increase from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday night when compared to the previous four Tuesdays.

During the hour starting at 7 p.m., usage was 10% greater, on average, than usage during the same time period over the previous nine Tuesdays. Cord cutter usage increased 16.4%, or more than double the rate of increase for all subscribers, according to broadband analytics vendor OpenVault.

OpenVault collects subscribers' usage behaviors and puts them into data sets that provide cable operators with the tools to right-size their broadband subscriber services. It's tools and services were designed to help cable operators place their broadband subscribers in the correct tiers in order to further monetize their services.

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OpenVault provided timely broadband updates during the coronavirus pandemic as broadband usage surged across the U.S. due to online schooling and millions of employees working from home due to shelter-in-place policies.