Optimum Lightpath lights up 40 Gbps optical transport service

Optimum Lightpath is answering its business customer's call for more bandwidth with its new 40 Gbps optical transport service.

Offered with a flat-rate pricing model throughout its entire footprint, Optimum Lightpath believes the new 40 Gbps service is well suited for New York Metro customers, a region that includes a number of major financial institutions. The service will likely appeal to financial trading houses that are continually looking for ways to shave off any bit of latency they can so they won't be beat out by a competitor.

Instead of having to purchase multiple 10 Gbps connections, which has been the typical route business customers have taken to expand their bandwidth allocation, a migration to 40 Gbps can provide a sizeable foundation for future bandwidth needs. Enterprise customers can not only consolidate multiple 10 Gbps links, but it can also support 100 Gbps services when the need arises.  

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