Orange Business Services puts technology behind HR with new lab

Orange Business Services is launching a new think tank to look at how technology impacts human resources. (Pixabay)

What are the implications of technology for the field of human resources? Orange Business Services is about to find out.

Orange Business Services announced on Friday that it has launched a think-tank lab to gauge the impact of new technologies on human resources.

Specifically, the HR Innovation Lab was designed to examine how new technologies, such as 5G, artificial intelligence and data analytics, will transform the field of human resources.

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The think tank's mission is to bring together the various components of the HR ecosystem—from large to small business, self-employed professionals, startups and employees—"by harnessing technologies and human capabilities to support their specific business needs," according to the press release.

Drawing inspiration from the world of startups, the HR Innovation Lab will employ an agile, creative, entrepreneurial approach to developing new HR tools and skill sets. The lab will also measure the impact of technology on businesses while identifying co-innovation projects and experimental initiatives for its members. The lab plans to publish and share the members' research and reviews.

The lab's membership, which is comprised of academics, sociologists, experts and researchers from Orange Labs, will discuss trends such as the future of work, innovation culture, employer attractiveness, skills management, learning businesses and employee experiences within the community.

The HR Innovation Lab is also planning webinars and seminars over the coming months in Silicon Valley, Asia and Europe.

“The launch of this lab is in line with our strategy to support both our employees with the evolution of their jobs and work environment and also our customers, whom we help succeed in their digital transformation," said Mechtild Walser Ertel, Orange Business Services' executive vice president of human resources, in a statement. “This lab is also a great opportunity for HR, to exchange and look ahead to the future, while ensuring that the human aspect is always at the heart of our decisions, especially when technology is constantly accelerating."