Pando Networks: South Korea has the fastest game download speeds

Surprise, surprise: South Korea has the fastest average game download speeds of 2,202 Kbps, according to a new Pando Networks online gaming application study.

In the study, Pando analyzed 27 million downloads by 20 million computers in 224 countries from January through July 2011. On a worldwide basis, the average download speed is 580 Kbps.

Pando Networks download speeds map

Taking the second and third place behind South Korea were eastern European countries, including Romania (1,909 Kbps) and Bulgaria (1,611 Kbps). Overall, Eastern Europe represented the second fastest gaming download countries represented in the study with Lithuania in fourth at 1,462 Kbps, Latvia in fifth at 1,377 Kbps and Ukraine in eighth at 1,190 Kbps.

Outside of South Korea and Eastern Europe, the United States had an average of 616 Kbps, Germany stood at 647 Kbps, Australia at 348 Kbps, and China at 245 Kbps.

From a service provider perspective, South Korea's Dacom Corp. took the lead with 5,151 Kbps download speeds. In the U.S., Verizon's (NYSE: VZ) FiOS boasted download speeds of 1,056 Kbps, while UK-based Virgin Media (Nasdaq: VMED) delivered average download speeds of 612 Kbps.

As a gaming company itself, Pando obviously has an incentive to put out a study that illustrates what are the best and the very worst places to download online games.

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