Qwest expands its hosting center reach into New Mexico

As Qwest gets more requests from its large and even medium-sized business customers to take them out of the telecom business, the ILEC is responding by building out more hosting centers. This week, Qwest opened its 16th CyberCenter in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Set to become a 14,000 square feet facility by 2010, the CyberCenter is currently operational and already serving customers now. Qwest now operates 16 CyberCenters that are located in 12 metro areas including Denver; Burbank; Sacramento and Sunnyvale, Calif.; Chicago; Columbus, Ohio; Minneapolis; Newark, N.J.; Seattle; Sterling, Va. and Tampa, Fla.

What's been driving Qwest to build out more CyberCenters is the fact that most businesses just don't have the time or resources to dedicate to running certain functions such as managing their databases, VoIP networks and call center applications.

Chris Ancell, executive vice president of Qwest Business Markets Group said in a previous interview with Fierce Telecom that he's seeing increased demand for hosting services especially from the IT resource constrained mid-sized business market.  

"We have hosted call center-type applications that we put in the cloud right now," he said. "That continues to be, again in the middle part of the market, those applications that move the onus from the customer. It's an extension of the managed services play so Qwest continues to look for those application areas where customers can get out of the business of managing it themselves, particularly areas that are not core for them, and have us do it for them."

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