RadiSys unveils remote ATCA demo & test facility, SA Forum solutions

RadiSys has launched the first AdvancedTCA (ATCA) remote demonstration and validation lab and has teamed up with GoAhead Software to deliver a network-ready ATCA platform supporting the Service Availability Forum (SA Forum) Application Interface Specification (AIS).

The new REDI (RadiSys Ecosystem Demonstration and Interoperability) lab, physically located in Hillsboro, Oregon, is available on a 24x7 basis and accessed via a dedicated, secure broadband connection. ATCA ecosystem partners and customers can remotely perform initial validation, testing and demonstrations of their solutions on RadiSys ATCA systems.

Among REDI's nifty features is a high-resolution webcam to enable users to observe platform activity, in real time, during software integration and self-validation sessions. It also provides the capability to perform remote demos to showcase product features.  

RadiSys's announcement with GoAhead for a SA Forum box, er platform, means that telecom equipment manufacturers get carrier-grade hardware requirements delivered in an off-the-shelf fashion, and they can focus on the development of applications. It will be available for SA Forum platforms in 1Q 2009.

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- RadiSys RADI and SA Forum releases.

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