RCN Metro enhances New York City colocation site

RCN (Nasdaq: RCNI) Metro Optical Networks' upgrade of its New York City colocation facility at 111 8th Ave., adding cabinet and power capacity, is a response to that region's hunger for high bandwidth.

Because these colocation sites are connected to RCN Metro's backbone, customers can access its suite of wavelength, Ethernet and SONET services that are available in Portland, Maine, to Washington, D.C., out to Chicago and up to Toronto. To date, RCN Metro has built 24 colocation facilities, including its colocation facility at 165 Halsey St. in Newark, N.J.

One segment that will embrace the upgrade of RCN Metro's 8th Ave. facility will be the financial industry, which of course has a major presence in New York. This complement to RCN Metro's previous move to build a low-latency network ring, which will connect colocation and financial exchanges in New York and New Jersey, could make RCN Metro even more attractive to financial houses that are looking for alternative high bandwidth sources.   

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