Sandy Brown becomes CEO of CENX

Sandy Brown's role in helping put AT&T's Ethernet service on the map is well known, but now the 15 year-plus Ma Bell veteran is taking on a new challenge by becoming the CEO of Ethernet exchange operator CENX.

During that 15-year period at both AT&T and Bell Labs, Brown held various roles in multiple divisions/functions, including research, engineering, business development, strategy, channel alliance, access services, product management and general management.

But his two crowning achievements at AT&T were clearly the development of its hosting/business Internet service, and of course, as the VP of AT&T developing its multi-billion dollar Ethernet business.

When asked why he left AT&T to go to CENX, Brown said that he saw great potential in the emerging company and the overall Ethernet exchange idea--one that Infonetics says is helping drive growth of the overall Ethernet services market.

"I had been working in what I thought was and still believe is the world's best communications company, had a great position there and we had a big market impact, but I had in some sense been to that movie many times," Brown said. "I was ready for a new challenge and was trying to think about what to do and then CENX presented itself and was a really unique opportunity from my point of view."

Brown added that he liked CENX's vision of "creating an easier interconnected world has enormous value."

Read our exclusive one-on-one interview with Sandy Brown.

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