Sonus Networks launches new IP peering solution

Sonus Networks is rolling out new IP peering technology, Mobile SecurEdge, at Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona, Spain. Mobile SecurEdge is a secure IP-peering solution the company says will provide end-to-end IP connectivity for international roaming and national peering traffic, with greater security, appropriate billing and higher quality for real-time services for end-user customers. It also offers compatibility with many legacy telephony systems, and Sonus said handoffs between legacy equipment and IP networks will be seamless and scalable with the new IP-core offering.

Wholesale carriers can offer mobile network operator customers best-in-class interworking solutions with the Mobile SecurEdge platform connection to their IPX hubs, says Sonus. Mobile SecurEdge provides carriers with a GSMA-compliant IPX proxy interconnect platform supporting multiple standards for signaling, network interworking and legacy TDM interworking.

"In a world that becomes more connected each day, IPX interworking is essential to driving the efficiency of our communications," said Shailin Sehgal, vice president of marketing and product management at Sonus. "Interworking between different signaling standards enables mobile operators to connect via the IPX's multi-lateral interconnects without having to implement the complex interworking themselves."

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