SPOTLIGHT: Obama's transition and Level 3's Gips

Level 3 Vice President Don Gips is currently on leave from the Colorado-based carrier, overseeing an agency-by-agency review of the federal government as a part of President-elect Barak Obama's transition team.

Gips has been involved with the Obama campaign since 2004 since the two met at a 2004 fundraiser for Senator Ken Salazar, and Gips gets a shout out for reviewing and commenting on "The Audacity of Hope" manuscript before it hit bookshelves. In addition, Gips has been a top fundraiser for Obama, rounding up $500,000 in contributions.

While Obama might like to see Gips come to Washington, the former chief of the FCC International Bureau and Gore domestic-policy advisor may not be in a hurry to join the Beltway crowd, as he's a family man with three teenage boys back in Colorado.

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