Study: Teleworking contributes to employee happiness

Teleworkers and stressOn the heels of the passing of the federal telework bill, a new study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee reveals that the stress levels of those workers who worked from home even just a few days a week were lower than their office-dweller counterparts.

One of the consistent positive themes study participants cited was the "decreased work-life conflict that a flexible work arrangement allows."

In addition to having more a flexible work arrangement, Kathryn Fonner, a UWM assistant professor of communication and the study's co-author, said that remote workers did not have to deal with typical distractions found in any office, including office politics and interruptions from colleagues stopping by for a quick chat.

Interestingly, the study revealed that alienation from workplace communication was not a big issue. And while remote workers did not interact as much as office-based workers, each group said they always got any "timely" access to any critical work-related information.

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