Tata taps Versa as its latest SD-WAN service software partner

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Tata Communications has tapped Versa as one of its software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) vendors for its new IZO SD-WAN Select managed service offering.

As a purely software-based SD-WAN service, IZO SD-WAN Select uses Versa’s virtual network and security functions to provide its customers with a managed service that brings them greater business agility through application level visibility, control and integrated security.

Specifically, Tata is leveraging Versa’s multi-tenant SD-WAN solution in the 20 cloud gateways it has deployed in various global locations.

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Tata Communications deploys Versa multi-tenant SD-WAN software on non-proprietary x86 appliances at business customers’ branch offices to enable integrated network and security. The service provider said the Versa gear allows it to instantly scale “more effectively than using separate hardware appliances.”

Depending on the customer need, Tata has developed multiple variants of IZO SD-WAN to suit its customers’ different business and technology requirements.

These variants consist of its Tata’s patent-pending technology (IZO SDWAN Prime), and one that builds on technology supplied by Versa (IZO SDWAN Select).

IZO SDWAN Prime supports a Cisco CPE, including the 1900 and 2900 series router. This service provides SD-WAN and zero touch provisioning and MPLS link capabilities. 

What could set apart Tata’s SD-WAN solution from others is the global reach. The service is going to be available across 130 countries, spanning a mix of developed and emerging markets.

Since the service is supported by Tata’s global network, IZO ecosystem and partnerships with the world’s largest cloud companies, the recently launched IZO SDWAN enables the instant deployment of branch office networks anywhere in the world. This will help businesses expand and introduce new products and services faster, and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.