TelcoTV: Calix places big bet on Ethernet

Just in time for this week's TelcoTV trade show, Calix Networks has debuted an Ethernet platform that it believes will accommodate the coming onslaught of video services. An alternative to its multi-protocol C7 last mile product, Calix's E7 is a modular pizza box-sized solution that can scale to terabit level speeds. A one rack unit product, the E7 incorporates 100 Gbps of switching capacity, with 10 Gbps capable of being combined to serve as a single 1 Tbps switch with one IP address.

Despite its advertised speeds and feeds, Calix is not abandoning its last mile roots. The initial E7 line cards support Gigabit Ethernet and GPON ports with 10 Gbps Ethernet uplinks. Already, the platform is resonating with its independent telco customers such as Horizon Telecom who see Ethernet as the technology of choice to support video.

"As one of the first large scale switched digital video deployments in the country, we know what it takes to deliver and keep pace with the accelerating demands of advanced video services," said Joe Corbin, vice president of operations, Horizon Telecom (Chillicothe, Ohio) in a release. "The E7 allows us to immediately address emerging access needs and to simplify and reduce our cost of operations. Where existing fiber is available, we can install an E7 and install advanced video and broadband services to multiple customers, all on the same day."

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