Telecom Italia could raise $2.05 billion through asset auction

New rumors have emerged that Telecom Italia SpA is going to raise some cash by selling off more of its assets. According to a report in Italian daily newspaper La Stampa that does not cite official sources, the service provider wants to raise $2.05 billion by selling off some of its assets.

Possible deals could include the selling off of its stake in Telecom Argentina SA in addition to businesses in the Netherlands and Cuba. Perhaps some of these potential sales could be included in the service provider's updated business plan that is going to come out today. Late last year, Telecom Italia sold off its German subsidiary, Hansenet, to Telefonica.

One lingering question that continues to swirl around Telecom Italia is that the service provider could be acquired by Telefonica. However, merger rumors were debunked in February when Telecom Italia "freezed" the idea of any merger with the Spanish telecom giant.

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