Telefonica signs fiber sharing pact with Vodafone, Orange in Spain

Telefonica has crafted an agreement with two of its main competitors--Vodafone and Orange--to share vertical fiber network infrastructure in buildings they serve throughout Spain.

In the proposed agreement, the three service providers have specified the types of buildings where vertical infrastructures such as conduit will be shared and related technical procedures.

The service providers are expected to reveal the cities, areas and buildings they want to build out fiber networks with a Building Manager Operator coming up with an infrastructure delivery plan.

As reciprocal agreement, they can all use each other's vertical rollouts to deliver their service to customers if needed. In addition, Vodafone and Orange will be able to use the infrastructure that Telefonica has already deployed. Likewise, Telefonica could use its competitors' network infrastructure in buildings.

This agreement comes at a time when Orange and Vodafone have been making inroads into Spain's fiber to the home broadband market. In March, the two telcos established a €1 billion ($1.3 billion) partnership to build a joint FTTH network covering 50 of Spain's major cities. By March 2014, the joint fiber network will be available to 800,000 premises, which will rise to 3 million by September 2015 and 6 million by 2017.

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