Telekom Austria sees IPTV subscriber additions decline

Telekom Austria may have carved out a sizeable niche in the country's IPTV market, but its annual growth update revealed a subscriptions decline in 2009. 

At the end of 2009, Telekom Austria reported that it had 101,300 customers signed up for its aonTV service, a 58.9 percent increase over the end of 2008. While this translates into 37,600 new customers in 2009, it's a decline from a high of 52,770 new subscribers Telekom Austria added in 2008.   

However, the decline in IPTV subscribers as reported in LightReading Europe does not appear to have any connection with broadband adoption. Broadband access was actually a shining star for Telekom Austria. During 2009, the telco added 136,900 new subscribers, bringing its total broadband user base to slightly over a million subscribers.

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