Transbeam, Verizon look for common ground in fiber-based replacements for TDM, copper-based services

Transbeam, a competitive carrier serving large metro markets like New York City, may be concerned about Verizon's (NYSE: VZ) ongoing copper retirement efforts, but it's confident that it can work out an agreement with the ILEC.

The service provider currently offers a mixture of Ethernet over fiber, Ethernet over Copper (EoC), fixed wireless and cloud-based offerings.

Earlier this month, Transbeam said in a FCC filing that Verizon isn't going to offer an alternative wholesale service to support its growing business customer base.  

Transbeam provides Ethernet over Copper (EoC) to 57 customers via Verizon's copper facilities in this wire center. The EoC service is delivered by accessing copper loops on an unbundled basis under an interconnection agreement and wholesale arrangements, connects the copper loops to Transbeam's central offices, and bundles together the components necessary to provide the service.

Transbeam told FierceTelecom that its filing was just a way to get its voice heard. The CLEC is working with Verizon to address how it can get an alternative last mile access wholesale service so it can continue to deliver services to its business customers.

"What you're seeing on the FCC front is not really a battle, but is really just more of a formality for us to put our opinion out there," said Avner Nebel, COO of Transbeam, in an interview with FierceTelecom. "We're working behind the scenes and Verizon is being very, very flexible in order to give us a like for like replacement."

Nebel said that Transbeam hopes that they can come to an agreement over the copper retirement and related special access issues since the two companies have been working together for about two decades.

"We are working with Verizon as it relates to that copper situation," Nebel said. "I am not overly concerned about it and at the end of the day it would behoove them to nurture the relationship we have because we're a large customer and we're heading down a good path."

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