tw telecom gets approval to leverage Auburn, Wash. rights of way for service expansion

tw telecom can now proceed with its latest network expansion into the Auburn, Washington market after the City Council granted the competitive provider a franchise agreement to build and operate a network along the city's rights of way, reports the Auburn Reporter.

Similar to other cities where it has announced expansion plans, tw telecom will offer local businesses its suite of Ethernet-based data, Internet, and voice services.

Leveraging all of the city's rights of way, tw telecom said it will lease last mile network facilities from incumbent telco CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) and other service providers to deliver services to local businesses. In order to streamline future installations, the service provider asked if the whole city can be its franchise area.

At this point, tw telecom is still working out logistics such as build out locations, plans and construction details, all of which have to be approved by the city's permitting processes.

"It's a telecommunications network within the City of Auburn," Councilman Wayne Osborne told the Auburn Reporter. "Primarily, it will be using Century Link and other communication companies to provide their dedicated data service, dedicated Internet access and their long-distance voice communications to commercial customers."

Auburn, Wash. is just one of many cities where tw telecom has cited to extend its service.

It is part of a broader network expansion process where it will enter five new "high-demand markets"--Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Richmond and Salt Lake City--while expanding the density of its existing metro fiber footprint in over a third of its existing markets.  

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