UK's Be Broadband launches 40-plus Mbps bonded DSL service

If you're a UK consumer still waiting for BT (NYSE: BT) to bring Fiber to the Home to your neighborhood, Be Broadband has a near-term alternative that can deliver up to 44 Mbps/5 Mbps over existing home phone lines by leveraging copper pair bonding.  

Of course, there are a few catches to getting Be Broadband's enhanced DSL service.

First, you have to be located in an area where the Be service is available. Second, a user will have to shell out another £85 ($136) to BT to get another phone line, which will cost £65 ($104) per month.

While Be Broadband's bonding approach is far from unique as other service providers, including AT&T are leveraging pair bonding to expand their higher speed copper-based broadband offerings, the service could resonate with those customers that are thirsty for greater speeds but are not in BT's FTTH line of site yet.

"As only half of the UK population have access to fibre currently, Be's Line Bonding product is a real viable alternative," said Alex Gower, Head of marketing at Be Broadband in a report.

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