UNH-IOL launches in-house automated Gfast, DSL testing platform

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Vendors that are looking to get their Gfast products certified by the Broadband Forum can now turn to the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL) to test out these technologies with its new Test Sentinel automated tool.

As the number of certified-interoperable Gfast products continues to rise, the test software allows member and non-member companies the ability to test their products in-house before applying for the Broadband Forum Gfast Certification Program.

Test Sentinel, which is now available to the public, can also run automated testing according to the Broadband Forum TR-114, TR-100, and TR-067 test plans.    

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What makes Test Sentinel a compelling tool for vendors testing out Gfast products is that it’s an established platform. It has been used in the UNH-IOL Gfast and DSL Testing Service for over five years to enhance and validate cross-vendor interoperability, performance and conformance to standards testing.

Lincoln Lavoie

UNH-IOL said that by publicly offering this tool, companies can increase confidence in their products by allowing them to perform repeatable in-house testing with instant access to an online results database.


“The UNH-IOL team has years of experience working with our customers and test & measurement partners to perform DSL and Gfast testing,” said Lincoln Lavoie, senior engineer broadband technologies at UNH-IOL, in a release. “Test Sentinel makes this knowhow commercially available to the industry, improving QA and R&D testing and streamlining the process to interoperable deployments.”  

While offering Test Sentinel to other companies is new, the public release of the platform is part of a broader trend by UNH-IOL to assist companies in various parts of the telecom ecosystem. In 2013, the UNH-IOL started offering testing solutions to companies with the release of the IOL INTACT Software for IPv6 Testing.