Verizon launches yet another customer retention program

Verizon believes that there's nothing like using your existing customers to help bring more customers onto your network. Seeing its traditional DSL broadband and FiOS customers being poached by cable, Verizon has come up with its "Share the Network" referral program. Existing customers that are successful in convincing a friend or family member to sign up for a single FiOS or DSL service will get a $25 American Express card--a $50 reward card if their friends sign up for a double or triple play bundle.

Of course, there are a few obvious catches with the referral program. For one, the new referred subscriber has to sign up within a month of being referred and the new customer has to be using one of the services for 60 days. Regardless of the catches, Verizon's move points to the fact that they are being inventive with how to keep current and new customers from switching to cable.

For more:
- Multichannel News chronicles the "share the network" movement

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