Verizon puts next-gen PON to the test

As one of the most aggressive service providers deploying Fiber to the Premise, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that Verizon is trialing next generation Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technologies. Verizon conducted a field-test of what it calls a XG PON system that it said could transmit data at 10 Gbps downstream and 2.4 Gbps upstream.

After conducting tests of XG PON in its Waltham, Mass. lab, the service provider tested the technology on a dedicated PON and overlaid on a fiber providing FiOS service to a customer in its Southern Massachusetts region to validate its findings about the technology. In the overlay test with Huawei XG PON gear, Verizon verified that there was no interference between the XG PON signals and the existing 2.5 Gbps GPON technology.

Next-gen PON systems have increasingly become the talk of the town in the FTTP market segment since 2008 with the emergence of 10 Gbps PON and WDM-PON. For the most part, next-gen PON technology has only been shown off in demonstration and field trials.

One notable service provider also looking at next-generation PON systems is France Telecom, which participated in a WDM-PON trial with the Scalable Advance Ring-Based Passive Dense Access Network Architecture (SARDANA) group during last September's ECOC show. France Telecom's trial, however, was done in a controlled lab environment. Either way, the trials by Verizon and France Telecom will help to prove  how the larger service provider community could incorporate next-gen PON into their network evolutions.

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