Verizon's Virginia region sees spike in customer service complaints

It's no secret that Verizon's (NYSE: VZ) customer support and network infrastructure in its West Virginia market--an issue one could say it resolved when it sold its properties to Frontier (NYSE: FTR)--left a lot to be desired.

Even its own technicians complained for a number of years the service provider largely ignored its DSL and POTS networks in West Va. because it was too busy building out its 3G wireless network and FiOS Fiber to the Home (FTTH) in big cities like New York. Ironically, Verizon recently launched West Virginia as one of its 38 LTE targets just as Frontier has to spend enormous amounts of capital to fix problems caused by the RBOC's neglect of the region's network infrastructure.

But as reported in Broadband DSL Reports, the problems are just as acute in markets it hasn't sold, such as Virginia. A high level of customer complaints has prompted Virginia's State Corporation Commission (SCC) to launch an investigation into its customer service support capabilities.

"These complaints also raise the question of whether Verizon has, or is devoting, sufficient resources to maintain reasonable adequate service quality and to comply with standards in the rules," the SCC said, adding that not surprisingly "Verizon classified virtually all of its reports as confidential." The only thing it would say

There is one easy way, muses Broadband DSL Reports: As it winds down its FiOS rollouts it could just sell more of its legacy markets that reside outside of its large NFL city focus.     

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