Verizon serves up new DSL wholesale offering

Competitive service providers that are looking for a new wholesale DSL option, but want to maintain their own service identity, can now turn to Verizon Global Wholesale and its new "White Label" wholesale options.

Wholesale customers will now have the option of offering Verizon's DSL-based services--Broadband Traffic Aggregation Service (BTAS) and InfoSpeed DSL service--as their own branded product. Up till now, competitive carrier wholesale customers had to sell Verizon-branded Verizon Online service as Wholesale Advantage DSL.

Kathleen Sullivan, divisional vice president, Verizon Global Wholesale said that the new wholesale options enable its competitive carrier customers "sell an Internet service that is similar to the one we sell to our retail customers but with the carrier's own branding umbrella." 

BTAS is ideal for U.S. competitive providers that want an easy way to turn up high speed Internet (HSI) service, while InfoSpeed provides the local access portion of DSL to service providers that may have built out their own ATM backbone and have established local points of presence.

Even though competitive providers may be reselling Verizon's DSL service, the compelling aspect of InfoSpeed is that they gain control over the service experience with the ability to apply their own QoS to the service. At the same time, Verizon Global Wholesale can provide ATM networks for competitive providers that lack such capabilities.

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