Virgin Media rolls out 50 Mbps broadband in UK

Cable operator Virgin Media has officially rolled out its 50 Mbps broadband service in the UK on Monday. The launch offer includes unlimited downloads and no traffic management - an offer U.S. cable customers in many markets wouldn't mind.

Customers just signing up for the new broadband offering as a stand-alone service will have to pay around $78 a month. Virgin is loading the dice for bundles; buy a landline phone at $17 per month and the broadband service costs an additional $53 - yes, it's cheaper to buy a phone and broadband than to just buy broadband. Triple play service including cable TV, phone, and 50 Mbps broadband is a cool $100.

Virgin Media expects to have the next generation infrastructure to support 50 Mbps rolled out to 40 percent of its existing network by the end of the year. Coverage to the rest of the 12.6 million households is expected to be completed during the summer of 2009.

Uptake on the new service is expected to be challenging since more than 70 percent of Virgin's existing broadband base has only opted for 2 Mbps speeds.

We can only hope Mr. Branson might export some of his broadband pricing to America.

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