Vodafone Germany launches two-pronged VDSL assault

After hatching a pilot VDSL deployment last July, Vodafone Germany will bring the service to 750 municipal areas in a dual phase strategy that will leverage its own network as well as rented facilities from incumbent carrier Deutsche Telekom.

In phase one, the service provider will add VDSL capabilities to about 2,700 switches on its own wireline network with the ability to offer up to 50 Mbps speeds to any home that's within 1 km of the switch. Then, in areas where it does not have network facilities, it will rent access to DT's fiber backbone. Vodafone is currently waiting for Germany's Federal Network Agency (FNA) to establish tariffs to access DT's fiber facilities.

Upon completion at the end of this summer, Vodafone projects that its VDSL network will be able to reach four million homes.

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