Vodafone UK serves up second line of broadband for work from home

With no end in sight for millions of remote workers due to Covid-19, Vodafone UK is now offering its subscribers a second broadband connection for work-from-home (WFH).

Vodafone UK has launched its "Work and Play" broadband tier to give WFH employees their own dedicated broadband access without sharing bandwidth with other home-bound occupants. With Monday's announcement on Work and Play, Vodafone UK took a shot at BT's second-line broadband WFH offering by saying users could save about $900 over the course of the year versus BT's tier.

For customers buying the second line, Vodafone UK is offering a dedicated 35 Mbps tier that includes a Wi-Fi hub and other features to manage their connections.

Over the past six months of Covid-19, service providers have been coming up with new, dedicated broadband offerings for WFH employees so they don't have to share bandwidth with other household members who are using applications and services such as video conferences and online gaming on the same residential service.

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AT&T, Comcast, CenturyLink and Cox Business, among others, have announced new WFH broadband tiers as part of their Covid-19 connectivity options.

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In April, Vodafone announced it was upgrading its network by 4 Tbps of capacity due to increased usage during the coronavirus pandemic