We don't need no Internet regulation, say telcos

Kvetching in Washington this week, representatives from the telecommunications industry would like to stave off an anticipated wave of Net Neutrality and Internet regulations under a Democratic Congress and President.

Yea, good luck with that...

Speaking at a telecom law and policy conference hosted by the University of Nebraska College of Law, the telecom counsel for Senator Brian Dorgan (D-North Dakota) said that lawmakers "definitely feel legislation is necessary" for Net Neutrality.

AT&T senior executive VP of external and legislative affairs James Cicconi said that the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) ruling against Comcast proves there's already an effective mechanism to review Net neutrality violations on a case-by-case basis; he also didn't like Comcast's appeal of the decision.

A ruling in Comcast's favor would lead to formal Net neutrality legislation. A common approach/ruling would, said Cicconi, lead to more litigation, not less.

While legislation to promote universal broadband will also appear in the new Congress, there's some dispute if that's needed as well. Former FCC Chairman Richard Wiley - who now represents telecom companies - believes the FCC likely can accomplish much of what an Obama administration might want without new laws.

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