Week in research: Colombia shows slow but steady broadband growth; cloud services may reach $9.4B by 2015

Broadband makes inroads in Colombia: In 2008, Colombia was the fifth fastest-growing Internet market in the world, a promising location for broadband rollouts. However, like most countries the economicĀ recession impacted broadband growth. Still, reports Research and Markets in their latest country update, Colombia's overall political and economic stability bode well for long-term growth of fixed broadband. The lack of affordable personal computers and other consumer devices is a sticking point, however, along with uncertain ROI on broadband infrastructure in remote areas. Release

Cloud takes hold of IT guys: Pre-integrated or converged private and off-site public cloud services are gaining popularity with IT managers and will drive revenues of $9.4 billion by 2015, according to an IDC report. "Cloud computing can dramatically simplify administrating and managing many companies' datacenters and position IT as a service organization for the rest of the company," said Katie Broderick, senior research analyst, Enterprise Platforms and Datacenter Trends and Strategies. "Off-loading some of the more mundane tasks to the cloud (public or private) and freeing up manpower to focus on adding value to the business is critical to driving cloud adoption." Release

Metro networks get an opex boost: Use of connection-oriented Ethernet (COE), also called Ethernet tag switching, can reduce service providers' operating expenses by as much as 32 percent annually, a Network Strategy Partners (now ACG Research) study commissioned by Fujitsu has found. "We found that the Fujitsu Ethernet tag switching implementation of COE produces lower opex than the MPLS-TP implementation of COE when service providers migrate from a SONET-centric to a packet-centric transport network infrastructure," said Michael Kennedy, Ph.D., principal analyst for ACG Research. Release

ACG Fujitsu tag switching vs MPLS-TP

Five year summary of opex for Ethernet tag switching and MPLS-TP. Source: "OpEx Benefits of the Fujitsu Ethernet Tag Switching Implementation of Connection-Oriented Ethernet" by Network Strategy Partners (now ACG Research), April 2011.