Week in research: Japan takes third place in broadband; small business looks to the cloud

Japan's broadband infrastructure remains strong: Looking outside Japan's current troubles caused by the natural disaster, the country remains the third largest broadband market in the world behind the United States and China, respectively. "Much of the success of broadband in Japan is owed to the stunning growth surge that occurred back in 2003 on the back of DSL broadband technology," a summary by Research and Markets states. "Since then Japan has established the second largest Fiber to the X (FTTX) market at around 30 percent of the world market after China which represents about 40 percent of the world market." News release.

Asia-Pacific sprints in IPTV race: There are now more than 200 IPTV providers globally, with 40 telcos adding IPTV services in 2010, says a new TeleGeography report, and the market continues to look ripe for growth. The number of IPTV subscribers grew 38 percent last year alone, to 45 million worldwide. Western Europe is currently in the lead among IPTV markets with 40 percent of subscribers, but Asia-Pacific is fast catching up--not only accounting for 35 percent of subscribers but with a subscription rate more than double than of Western Europe. News release.

Telegeography IPTV market

SMBs enchanted by the cloud: Small to medium sized businesses in Asia Pacific, particularly in Korea, China and Australia, continue to embrace cloud computing services and are expected to invest $11.4 billion into the market in 2011. This, says AMI-Partners in a new report, will help the cloud computing solutions market grow at twice the rate of traditional ICT technologies this year. News release.