Week in research: Unbundled local loop drives innovation in Australia; network security market stays flat

Breaking the bundle: Unbundled local loop (ULL) services have been a boon to telecommunications service providers in Australia, a new Research and Markets report says. The service, which involves use of unconditioned cable, typically copper, between end users and a termination point at the local telephone exchange, provides high-speed access for consumers as well as local and long distance providers. "The incumbent, Telstra had been hampering progress since the late 1990s and it was not until the ACCC received new powers under a new Act that some progress was made in 2003." Along with new tariffs and new wholesale prices, ULL service has resulted in increased innovation, competition and growth in Australia. News release

Spending upswing: Telecom operators in China showed "remarkable resilience" in 2010 and operators in other regions including the United States held fast in a shaky global economy, the Yankee Group reports, setting the stage for the first real upswing in spending since 2009. "Now that we've passed through the worst of the macroeconomic doldrums, 2011 represents the beginning of a new cycle of capital spending in the telecommunications market," said Brian Partridge, Yankee Group VP and co-author of the report. In 2011, global capex will increase 2.9 percent over 2010, or up to about $275.7 million, the firm predicts. News release

Security market remains flat: Security appliances and software revenue rose just 0.1 percent in the first quarter compared to 4Q 2010, says Infonetics Research, a lull it deems seasonal. However, year-over-year revenues increased 11 percent from Q1 2010 to Q1 2011, and the ever-present threat to network security means there's plenty of work for everyone. "Major threat events are still making headlines, with Sony bearing the brunt in the first quarter. Security technology vendors are being targeted as well, including RSA, Barracuda, and Comodo, creating a hostile environment for everyone and keeping awareness of threats at an all-time high," said Jeff Wilson, Principal Analyst, Security, Infonetics Research. McAfee widened its lead in the content security market over Blue Coat, which is vying for second place with Symantec and Websense. News release

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