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You're in the right place. (Mike Dano / FierceWireless)
Mike Dano

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed a relatively new name on the site. Mike Robuck is our new editor for FierceTelecom, and he has been taking the publication into some decidedly new and interesting areas.

Specifically, Mike has been reporting on the dramatic changes happening inside of today’s telecom networks, and what those changes mean to vendors, enterprises, standards groups and others. This network makeover is underpinned by the industry’s gradual move to software and virtualization, and it’s penetrating deep into the core operations of just about every kind of provider there is, from wholesale to cable to wireless to satellite. The initial results of this move are fascinating: Today’s leading players are now able to dabble in technologies ranging from network automation to cloud to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

If you haven’t already read them, here are some of Mike’s recent stories on these topics and more:

Mike hails from Light Reading’s Telco Transformation most recently, by way of time at SDxCentral and CED Magazine. He’s currently operating out of Montrose, Colorado. Feel free to drop him a line at [email protected] and make sure to sign up for Mike’s FierceTelecom newsletter here.

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And definitely let me know what you think! – Mike | @mikeddano