West Virginia FiberNet launches hybrid satellite/dialup data service

No matter how hard the telecom industry tries, there are going to be places where building out terrestrial broadband services will be next to impossible. But West Virginia FiberNet, a CLEC that provides primarily dial-up and DSL service in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, has been augmenting its broadband reach with Broadband in a Box's wholesale hybrid satellite/dialup Internet service. Broadband in a Box's wholesale services enable customers to deliver 256 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps downstream and 20-50 Kbps dial up upstream speeds.

Since launching the service without advertising six weeks ago, FiberNet has already attracted 65 subscribers. Packaged as a dual-play data/phone offering, FiberNet's consumers can either install the satellite equipment themselves or FiberNet can do it for a $125 fee. Touting itself as a middle-mile broadband provider, Broadband in a Box has already gotten the attention of Sytek Communications, a rural Minnesota telco. However, Broadband in a Box has one drawback: It won't qualify for broadband stimulus funding because the service falls outside the government's definition of broadband.

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