Zayo pre-sells 7 new customers for planned Omaha-to-Dallas fiber route

Zayo has secured contracts with seven new customers for its dark fiber service on its upcoming Omaha-to-Dallas fiber route following its initial anchor customer sale last year.

Upon completion by the end of next year, the new route will connect Omaha, Kansas City, Mo., Bentonville, Ark., Tulsa and Dallas.

The service provider said that completion of the route is ahead of its original timeline of 2017.

Unlike its other fiber projects, Zayo's Omaha-to-Dallas route wasn't initially tied to a customer contract so the company had to obtain follow-on sales to get a more desirable return on its investment.

But these seven customers are only one part of the opportunity Zayo foresees with this new route.

Matt Erickson, Zayo's co-COO and president of physical infrastructure, said in a release that "we have a robust funnel of additional sales opportunities on this unique route."

Omaha to Dallas is the latest in a string of intercity network construction projects Zayo has embarked upon over the past year. It is also in the process of building additional routes, including Sacramento-to-Salt Lake City, Washington, D.C.-to-Atlanta, and Phoenix-to-Dallas.

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