CenturyLink has boosted its Security Log Monitoring platform by blending in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Don't expect any blockbuster deals this year among vendors in the telecommunications industry, according to an analyst report.

Google Cloud will launch a new region in Los Angeles next month to better serve the media and entertainment industries located there.

The IEEE Standards Association has adopted the OpenFog Consortium's reference architecture as a standard for fog computing.

Silver Peak announced a $90 million round of investment on Tuesday, which exceeded the total amount it had raised over the past 15 years of its existence.

Working with Ericsson, Russian service provider VEON has launched a narrowband IoT trial in a Moscow district.

Open source communities and standards organizations, are, for the most part, starting to march in unison across the telecom industry.

Telefónica is working with Ericsson to offer customers network slicing on private networks via the telco's UNICA cloud platform.