TDS Telecom is bringing its 1 Gbps fiber-based broadband service to local businesses where it has a strong fiber presence.

The FCC has put forth proposals to reforms to the pole attachment process and copper retirement.

CenturyLink is simplifying its broadband tier pricing in Nevada, offering consumers a price for life guarantee on three of its common internet speed tiers.

Windstream has introduced a new hybrid wireline/wireless business continuity solution targeting medium-sized businesses.

ADVA Optical Networking’s CEO Brian Protiva has set a goal to motivate his employees and help them thrive in an environment where they feel challenged.

Verizon says it’s going to weigh all options, including its own builds or purchasing another regional provider, to expand its fiber network.

Traditional large ILECs and CLECs' fiber networks expansions have helped narrow what Vertical Systems Group calls the “fiber gap.”

Lightower Fiber Networks has expanded its fiber network presence in the greater Detroit market.