Dycom says it is seeing some of its large carrier customers cite interest in delivering 10G FTTP-based services to their customers.

AT&T claims that Google Fiber often provides incorrect information about where it is looking to attach its facilities on its utility poles.

Comcast Business is challenging incumbent players AT&T and Frontier by extending its 100G-capable network to Tallahassee.

Verizon has restored landline and wireless voice service in New York’s Madison County after repairing a severed underground fiber cable.

Consolidated is leveraging an existing FTTH network to enable 1 Gbps service for its customers in Sacramento and Roseville, California.

AT&T says Google Fiber's one touch make ready proposal in Tennessee to string fiber on could compromise its union workforce relationship.

Comcast is challenging a Google Fiber representative’s comments that the service provider could bypass the Tennessee market.

Consolidated Communications is challenging Comcast and Frontier with new 1 Gbps internet speeds for some California customers.