Rhode Island, according to data compiled by Cable.co.uk, has the highest average broadband speeds of 36.7 Mbps broadband speeds.

AT&T is seeking FCC approval to shut down its wholesale Inward Service in 2018.

Can Frontier overcome the engineering and regulatory challenges of fixed wireless deployment to solve the rural broadband availability problem?

Aryaka says internet connectivity can inhibit response time for global SD-WAN applications.

Verizon’s plans to build out an expansive fiber network has driven Prysmian to initiate a $15 million North American expansion effort.

MEF and the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) have established a service orchestration partnership.

AT&T says Incompas’ proposal to the FCC to raise the broadband definition from 25/3 Mbps to 1 Gbps does not reflect actual usage patterns.

Nokia has introduced its two-part Software-Defined Access Network (SDAN) software and hardware solution sets.