executive summary
The Future of DDoS Protection: Turning the Threat into a Revenue Generating Opportunity
May 12, 2017 | Corero Network Security

As service providers defend their own networks from DDoS attacks, customers and governments are pressuring them to begin protect their customers as well. Download this Executive Summary for key insights pulled from Corero’s second-annual survey exploring service providers’ unique needs when deploying DDoS protection.

IoT: From Smart Cities to Smart Planets
April 27, 2017 | Nokia

IoT is all around us - wearables, our homes and our cities. And IoT proponents are looking ahead to an even bigger vision - smart states, countries, and globe. Download this eBrief to explore this advanced vision of creating a fabric of intelligence through a horizontally connected planet.

The Great Indoors: A Final Frontier for Wireless
Now Available On-Demand | Sonus

As nationwide wireless operators put the finishing touches on their macro LTE networks, they are increasingly looking at ways to improve the reach of their services into buildings, stadiums and other major indoor venues. How might this trend play out in the years to come, for carriers and vendors alike? Register Now!

Major Wireless Players Seek Supply Chain Diversity; Opportunities for Diverse Businesses
April 6, 2017 | The Wireless Infrastructure Association

Large telecom companies have a lot to benefit from partnering with diverse suppliers, but it can be challenging for these vendors to break into the larger market. Download this eBrief for tips and insights for vendors from the 2016 Supplier Diversity Summit.

Media Makes More Money by Being More Data Driven
March 29, 2017 | Amazon Web Services

Integrating data analytics into a content service has real financial benefits. And with a cloud infrastructure, operators can leverage cost-effective tools and features to increase engagement and monetization. Download this eBrief to learn more.

Don’t Be Blindsided: Understand 2017 Top Communications Tax Concerns
Now Available On-Demand | Avalara

Keeping up with changes in the communications industry is challenging enough without worrying about impending tax implications. Join this webinar to hear from consultants at Avalara about changes at the FCC, and what they mean for CSPs. Register Now!

5G: From Standards to Use Cases
Nokia & National Instruments

Although the anticipation for the potential profit of 5G is palpable, a growing number of industry observers are wary of all the hype surrounding 5G. Download this eBook to learn how network operators, equipment suppliers others plan move into this uncharted opportunity.

Making NFV/SDN an Operational Reality
Dell EMC

By embracing NFV/SDN as an integral part of a cloud-native, trusted approach, telcos will be better equipped to meet their commercial objectives. Download this Whitepaper to learn how Dell EMC is leading NFV/SDN’s evolution to becoming part of a cloud-native toolbox.

DDoS Impact and Opportunity in a Service Provider Environment

Share your thoughts on the drivers, benefits, and barriers to DDoS protection in this 10-minute survey. Finish the survey now for a chance to receive a $5 Amazon gift card. 


The Rise of LTE Advanced Pro

Learn more about the emerging technologies around 5G and how LTE-A Pro will play an essential role in 5G’s arrival. Download this eBrief now!