FirstLight has rebranded Sovernet Communications under the FirstLight brand, marking the next stage in integrating the company.

Frontier said it should be winning over more medium-sized business customers in its legacy and California, Texas and Florida markets.

Verizon said channel bonding will provide a more graceful way to upgrade network speeds as it implements NG-PON2 in its FTTX network.

Verizon says that its “One Fiber” approach is going to simultaneously satisfy multiple needs while keeping costs in check.

Windstream has introduced its SDNow (Software Defined Network Orchestrated Waves) optical wavelength offering.

AT&T is beefing up its FlexWare platform with additional network connectivity and security applications.

AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink’s recent data center moves reflect their transition to becoming managed IT providers.

AT&T wireline workers in California, Connecticut and Nevada represented joined their fellow wireless workforce in a three-day strike.