Verizon remains "cautiously optimistic" about its wireline prospects

As more end-users make wireless phones their only phone and defect to cable for their landline phone service, Verizon will continue to focus on reducing costs and improving its wireline businesses' efficiency.

Speaking at the UBS 37th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference this week, Verizon's CFO John Killian said the company has cut 7,200 workers in its wireline unit as of September and another 3,000 in Q4 09. One way it's improving the efficiency of its wireline network operations is to overhaul its call center infrastructure and improving utilization metrics.

A key part of Verizon's wireline service strategy is its multi-billion dollar FiOS Fiber to the Premises network bet. Killian said that the ILEC is on track to complete much of its FiOS build out by the end of 2010. He added that Q4 subscriber trends of 200,000 new subscribers were similar in Q4, which would enable the company to reach its goal of adding one million additional FiOS subscribers in 2009. 

Of course, while it has increased its focus on building out FiOS, Verizon has been trying to stem ongoing declines in its traditional DSL broadband service business through various bundled promotions.

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